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Crazy... No really.

When shit is bad.. Shit is REALLY bad.

My uncle died this weekend. Heart attack at 46. 

I put a whole new meaning to the term crazy.

1 conceived or made without regard for reason or reality
2 having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind
3 showing or marked by a lack of good sense or judgment 
4 showing urgent desire or interest 
+5 Liz Hurtt

I have a severe emotional imbalance. 
When I should cry.. I laugh. 
When I should laugh.. I cry.
And yet I feel nothing.

I cant look people in the eye.
I cant talk to them on a serious level.
Im suddenly the best listener ever.
And when I do open my mouth.. Its bullshit.

"I cant lie to people. Thats just not how I was brought up. I feel guilty about it. You know I would never lie to you."
Eat a dick bitch.
At least I admit that I lie.
Cant beat em'.. Join em'.

Last night made life seem picture perfect.. At least for a few hours.

I got to hang out with Kentucky. 
I now have a GIANT crush on him.
I was upset that we didnt get to hang out longer.
Meh.. There will be plenty of shows for that.
And for the record.. When a guy bites his lip after kissing me.. Or well hell.. Just in general.. Im sold.

I also saw Greg and Shel.
I didnt talk with Shel as long as I had wanted.
But hey.. I blame it on the beer.
And seeing Greg was pleasant.. as always.

But more importantly..
(hed) mother fucking pe.
The show was amazing as always.
And Jahred and I definately shared a toast together right before they took the stage.
I rock.. And I fucking know it.

Wheres the rewind button?
I wouldnt mind replaying that night for the rest of my life.

Back to Reality.
Fuck off.

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