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.RIP Uncle David.

Wow. You're really gone. It took up until today for it to really sink in.

I always say that I dont regret a single thing that Ive done in my life. I cant say that anymore. I regret allowing our family to carry on the way that we have over the past couple years. I regret not trying harder to keep everyone together. I regret missing out on so much of some of my families lives. I regret that Meaghan and I didnt start trying sooner. And Im sorry.

Enough of the bad.

My uncle David was truly one of the most loved men Ive ever met. He had a huge heart. The turnout that I saw tonight at his visitation was enough for anyone to see that. Grandpa would be proud of him for all the lives that he touched.

.I remember how Uncle David used to always call me Bissy.
.I remember when Uncle David used to pick us up by our heads. He'd grab on real tight by our ears and raise us in the air.
.I remember being little and thinking he was so cool because of his tattoos and piercings.
.I remember when he worked for the police station. I bragged to my friends.. "My uncle is a police officer."
.And my favorite memory of him was when I used to live on Concord. We lived in an apartment together that my grandparents owned. My family had the bottom apartment and his family had the top. One day my brother was playing with the VCR while my mom was getting a bath ready for him. I called 911 and told them that I needed help because my brother wouldnt quit messing with the VCR. Later that day.. Or maybe the next day.. I was riding my bike on the street with some of my friends. As I was passing our apartment Uncle David was standing on the front porch yelling "Bissy! C'mere!" My uncle was a big guy. If you didnt know him you probably would have had second thoughts about going anywhere near him. That day I peddled up the street as fast as I could and went behind a neighbors house and bawled my eyes out. Uncle David came and got me.. And talked to me about what had happened. After it was all said and done we both had a laugh about it.

Although I wasnt as close to him as I would have liked these past couple of years.. I know that he enjoyed his life. He loved his bike.. He loved his booze.. And he loved everyone around him.

I hope that I can live and love and enjoy my life half as much as he did.

I love you Uncle David. I'll miss you. I'll see you on the other side.

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