Bitch! You know you done fucked up, right? (hardcorehedbtch) wrote,
Bitch! You know you done fucked up, right?

Musical Reminders..

MxPx = Kyle .. "Move to Anderson we'll hang out.."

Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal = Greg

Rehab = Sean and Derf .. "Hey Fred fuck that rehab shit.." and of course Corey.

Creed = Jeff Tolle.. I met Jeff at a block party where his band did a cover.

Anything Psychopathic = The Chad and Kyle.. I went to more shows with The Chad.. Although the first one I went to Kyle opened.

Three 6 Mafia = The apartment.. The boys.. Nate, Joey, Jerry, Princess.. The beer.. The drugs.. Oh my.

Dave Matthews Band = Quiet Kyle

(hed)pe = Kentucky

Tom Petty = The days of Don, Meat, Derick, Damon, Kim.. I miss those days.. 

Limp Bizkit (3 dolla bill ya'll era)  = The LB crew of course.. My introduction to non crappy music.

Linkin Park = The time following the final breakup with Kyle.

Evergreen Terrace = DBo

Dead by 28 = The night Misti and I met Eash and Carlie.

Manson = Daniel.. Hooker wear and cheap Kentucky Bourbon.. Blah.

Taproot = Taproot Chad.. Some guy that Ive never seen again.. But we sorta hit it off that night.

POD = The first show I went to with Sarawhore.. We met up with two guys.. Evan and someone.. Ate with the band..

Tech N9ne = The Chad.. I refused to listen to them at first.. Barbershop Quartet.. Hah.

Mindless Self Indulgence = Misti.. Whoop! Dayum we're the shit.

Beck = I really started to like Beck around the time of Quiet Kyle.

Queens of the Stone Age = Brent Cole and our trip to NYC.. Thats all we listened to on the whole drive up there.

Nonpoint = The only show I ever went to with Matt Belew.. I wonder what ever happened to him?

LIT - My Own Worst Enemy = Chad Fibburtt.. One of the MANY songs we sing while drunk.

Moby - Feeling So Real = Sarawhore.. Before we knew what was behind the whole rave scene.

Say Anything = DSteff.. "I called her on the phone and she touched herself.."

Nirvana = Nelly.. Kurt Cobain was and probably still is his idol.. Mmm he had amazing posters on his walls.

Silverchair = Cassie Burke cause she introduced me to them way back in the day.

Trapt - Stories = The Chad.. And Im finally living up to it.

.. To be continued ..
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