Bitch! You know you done fucked up, right? (hardcorehedbtch) wrote,
Bitch! You know you done fucked up, right?

My Mommy Thinks Im a Lesbian?!?

So last night I was talking to my mom.. She made the comment that she was worried about me. I think she thinks that Im going to either.. a) spend the rest of my life alone.. b) decide that I want to be with Chad again.. OR c) turn into a lesbian.
Although spending the rest of my life alone does seem to be appealing at times none of these are the case when it comes to me and relationships.
Im not a picky person.. Not at all. I don’t need to date the next top model or the next Bill Gates. I just want someone that I connect with. Someone that is mature enough for an adult relationship. Someone that can make me feel like Im not the dominate one in the relationship.
Who am I kidding? I have NO clue what I want.
Maybe this is why I turn and run from all of my “relationships”.. Im sure it is all my fault. Or maybe Im just not dating the right people. Sometimes I wonder if some of the people that are right in front of my face are the right ones for me.. But then again.. If they were wouldn’t I be with them by now?
Im 21 years old. It seems like most of my friends can easily maintain steady relationships. In high school I was always the one with the long term boyfriend.. But now everything seems to have turned around. Maybe I started too early. Maybe I grew up to fast.
And maybe Im just too dayum independent.
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