Bitch! You know you done fucked up, right? (hardcorehedbtch) wrote,
Bitch! You know you done fucked up, right?

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It's Friday.. However there is no Friday dance.

Im already starting to think negatively.. But it's cool. It will wear off after I get out of my newest funk that was caused by last night and this morning. And if not.. And things dont turn out right.. Then I guess I can just say that shit happens.

The new medicine that Im on makes me SUPER anxious.. That probably isnt really helping right now either.. I cant wait until the side effects start to wear off.

Everything SEEMS to be going okay.. That is outside of the crazy ideas that my mind thinks up. So I guess I can say that all is well.. For the time being.

Im not so optomistic today.

Im going to work my ass off tonight.. Hope for the best.. And be excited about not having any plans tonight and seeing where the night takes me.

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