Bitch! You know you done fucked up, right? (hardcorehedbtch) wrote,
Bitch! You know you done fucked up, right?

The things I want to say.. But can't always say them.

  • I'm angry for you. I'm angry at him. I wish I could say or do more - But I just don't know how to handle this. I'm so thankful to have you and that after everything we've been through you still feel like you can confide in me. I'm here for you - Anytime you need me.
  • I'm not trying to lie to you or to hide things from you. But I gotta do things for me sometime. Just trust that I'm mature enough to handle this. You are absolutely amazing and I want us both to be happy.
  • I take so much out on you when I really shouldn't. I do need more help. I do need to stop being taken advantage of. I know that you're trying but sometime I feel like you could be doing a little more.
  • I feel so weird around you anymore. So much has changed.. In both of our heads. I used to be okay with it - Until I realized that I was once again just trying to cling on to something that would never be. I hope things get back to normal really soon.
  • You've had a big impact on me. Ive been reminded what it means to be genuine and to have fun. Ive been reminded that not everyone I meet is going to be a piece of crap.
  • You are so lost and I wish there was something I could do. I used to look up to you. You used to be my role model. I try to help but nothing seems to get through to you. I have to let you make your own decisions.. I just hope that they are the right ones.
  • You have been a part of my life for a very long time and have played various different roles. I'm thankful that we never lost touch and that we can continue to have the friendship that we have.
  • You disgust me. I tried to reach out because I felt like it was the right thing to do. I didnt want there to be animosity and I hate that you can still make me feel so worthless.
  • You have a lot of stuff to figure out. You have a lot of changes to make. Youve been saying the same thing for years. When are you gunna start taking action? When are you gunna stop putting it off? You need to do this for you. Give yourself a little more credit and a lot more respect.
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